Saturday, March 21, 2009

I know I am deviating from RE but I will get back to that soon

In the meantime here's a great read on this current financial mess:


  1. Fish,
    That was a startling article!! Thanks for posting it. The worst of it for me was that I was under the impression that these behemoth banks were crumbling in the current crisis. Now I'm worried that the Fed is just strengthening them. I was counting on this downturn to make things right, to clean up the crap. Now I think it's possible that the mess is even bigger. In terms of holding an opinion about bailouts, I've been a fence sitter. No longer! I've never disagreed with Mish, but also never really grasped why he and others have been so opposed to the bailouts. I worried about systemic failure. It seems terribly ironic now, that Bernanke could be pointing to green shoots of life in the economy. Does anybody have Obama's email address? He needs this article!!!

  2. I've just discovered that you're back Fish. Good to see you and I look forward to many future reads...

  3. Fish, I just noticed you are back. Awesome-- looking forward to dropping by regularly!