Monday, July 20, 2009

Watch this...

Brian Ripley in particular is worth watching, since he talks about the Vancouver market. "The banks have started pricing in the risk that the Government doesn't want to."


  1. A drop to early 2000 levels!

  2. The TD economist wouldn't say much about BC and Alberta, often going out of his way to exclude them from his statements.

    I do take issue with his comment that when we experience volatility like in the past spring, it's a sign that markets are working. I think when 5 year rates are making the market on a capital asset whose operating life 10 times longer than that, it's a sign markets are not fundamentally sound.

    Great find, fish10.

  3. Was it just me, or did Gautier seem somewhat apprehensive, almost lying, when he stated, more than once; "prices will not swing back TOO much." or "prices won't drop, too much, in my opinion."

  4. Thanks for the link! That's a great find!