Thursday, October 1, 2009

Final projection for September

Projection from 30-Sept-2009 : 19 of 21 days Complete *
Listings: 5553 (-10% yoy) (+22% mom)
Sales: 3459 (+118% yoy) (+1% mom)
Sell/List: 62% (+36 pp yoy) (-13 pp mom)
MOI: 3.9 (-70% yoy) (+4% mom)
Actives: 13,572 (-35% yoy) (+4% mom)
* Rate of Increase: 44 per day

Avg Price SFH: $863,265 (+9.3% yoy) (-3.0% mom) (-6.2% from peak)
Avg Price Condo: $435,134 (+7.4% yoy) (+3.1% mom) (-3.3% from peak)
5-day Average SFH: $931,340 (+7.9% from current month)
5-day Average Condo: $430,755 (-1.0% from current month)

Median Price SFH: $704,211 (+1.2% mom)
Median price Condo: $378,029 (+1.1% mom)

* Missing data from Sept 21 and threw out erroneous data from Sept 30.

The REGBV will release the actual tally within a few days.


  1. Sept 30th- over 1000 new listings and list sale of 2%-if only that were true!

    However it looks like inventory is moving up steadily.

  2. I agree, Frank. It is especially that inventory moved up in the last week of September when we almost always see a flury of delistings in the last week that overtake new listings. Maybe the typical drop will show up in the data next week.

  3. thanks for all the stats. It does looks like things are slowly starting to turn back in the bears favour. hopefully this keeps up

  4. West bubbleville: 7 listings, 7 price reductions, 3 sales.

  5. Larry is out first with his graphs- kudos to him:

    look at the SFH graph. There is a tantalising hook down. If October moves down too- then the bubble graph burst could be unfolding.

    Curious minds await the data.

  6. West Bubble Van did a complete reversal today. 4 listings 3 price reductions 8 sales!