Monday, September 27, 2010

Tonight's numbers...

All categories...

West and North Van

25 New Listings
26 price changes
7 sales

Van West

51 New
35+ price changes
12 sales


4, 5, 1 - wonder what the MOI is for Whistler. Some of their inventory doesn't seem to end up on the MLS from what I can tell, but is for sale nevertheless.


18, 17, 5


  1. thanks for the interesting numbers fish. I wonder if Whistler is finally becoming a buyers market, prices have come down a lot, especially for condos. Maybe is time to go shopping. What do you think?

  2. Whistler is ONLY worth buying IMVHO if you are an avid skier and you want to spend a long time in the ambience of the town.

    As an investment, the prices will have to drop further, to make sense without capital gains.

    Some folks will no doubt jump into the reduced town-houses and condos, only to wring their hands when the taxes, strata fees and the all to frequent assessments some through the letter box.

  3. yikes- 'come' through the letter box.

  4. "Whistler is ONLY worth buying IMVHO if you are an avid skier"

    ...because you're probably used to steep drops. lol

  5. Big sales day :(

    North Shore numbers :

    30 New
    20 Changed
    18 Sales

    Van East

    16, 10, 14

    Van West

    35, 22, 25

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