Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OK Vicky

OK first (sales/total listing/ MOI)


221/ 5059 =


134/ 1663 =


143/ 1663=

All areas

413/ 9305 = 23


395/4300 =

From the Victoria RE Board

'A total of 395 homes and other properties sold in September through the Victoria Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®), down from the 425 sales in August. There were 776 sales in September of last year. '

Like we saw in Vancouver the average SFH price bounced a little , even as sales were down- half last years.

ie more expensive properties are selling. Though they are still down 10% from the peak and condos look like they are sliding down a
very slippery slope.

All well into bear territory. Lets just go over that again. At CURRENT sales it will take two years to sell all the properties listed in the OK. That would mean the over-priced or crappy stuff never gets sold.


  1. No HPI for Victoria that I can find. So we have to go with the flawed Median and Average. Victoria condos average price down 20% from peak!!


  2. Now you know where any additional government stimulus money is going.

  3. About 50% list/sell tonight in most areas. No reason to bore you with the details. Price reductions still higher than sales in most areas.

    BTW- How many Real Estate agents are there in the OK? They all have to live off pretty slim pick'ins these days.

    413 to be precise.

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  5. Big tumble in the Central OK Median and Average from August.

    Here are September's numbers:


    Sales 37
    New Listings 158
    Current Inventory 988
    Sell/Inv. Ratio 3.74%
    Days to Sell 105

    Average Price $234,800
    Median Price $218,000

    Residential Sales 117
    New Listings 392
    Current Inventory 1,666
    Sell/Inv. Ratio 7.02%
    Days to Sell 92

    Average Price $466,382
    Median Price $425,000

    Here are August's:

    Sales 73
    New Listings 157
    Current Inventory 1,047
    Sell/Inv. Ratio 6.97%
    Days to Sell 89

    Average Price $283,464
    Median Price $255,000

    Sales 126
    New Listings 352
    Current Inventory 1,743
    Sell/Inv. Ratio7.23%
    Days to Sell 78

    Average Price $496,077
    Median Price $437,500

  6. A good day for the bears, so I am going to put the numbers up

    North Shore
    31 new 1 Back 14 Changes 12 sales.

    Van West

    55, 1, 28, 19

    Van East hot even today

    29, 1, 2 ,18