Friday, January 14, 2011

Few quick things

1) Things have really ground to a halt in Whistler. How's 350 weeks of inventory...OK so it's only based on one week's sales, but we bears rarely get to gloat.

2) about reading about how Saint Reagan set the stage for the S and L debacle, and how he blew a huge hole in the US debt.

As to the current situation here's a well known well money manager who clearly states how current policies are helping the wealthy (stock-holders, CEO's, Wall Street types) get richer, while the Middle Class is getting squeezed by commodity speculation (probably Goldman again) and will soon face reduced services and less jobs due to municipal bankruptcies. You know all those unnecessary jobs like firemen and cops and garbage collectors..I am sure we will see it come here too.

Ok folks we should see listings start rising as we head into Feb. The list/sales will be our first hint that the trend is chnaging here as it has in the Ok and Whistler.


  1. Even if you take the last month (which had one good week of sales around Christmas) we still get 700/23 = 30 MONTHS of inventory! The sales better pick up or there will be a lot of unemployed realtors in Whistler.

  2. BTW- anyone hear of a 'studio townhouse' before? Only in Whistler could you have a 480 sq foot property and call it a townhouse!