Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some Data from outside Vancouver

The BCREA has put out data from March for all 11 regions which I found on House Hunt Victoria.

As you can see - while price are up an astonishing 13% and 14% YOY in Vancouver and Fraser Valley, they are down almost everywhere else. Victoria is down 5% with a double digit rise in YOY listings.

The last two columns show the sales to listings %. We knew the OK was having problems and that is confirmed with a sales list of 5-8%! 5% sales/list means there is almost two years of inventory waiting to be sold.

I would expect these divergence to grow even more in the April data.


  1. What, prices are up only 13% and 14% YOY in Vancouver and Fraser Valley? <>

    MLS®: V860114
    for sale $8,500,000
    last flipped for $1,545,000 on 2009

    No renovations done, except it was busted as a warehouse for toxic chemicals/drugs in November last.

  2. Thanks for sharing all this data. Will check the others.

    Arrielle P