Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The sad state of the MSM

I know that you all move around the bear blog world. However in case you missed it here is the sorry state if our MSM which cannot even bother to check the most basic facts.

Here is the exchange between me and vreaa. Sad that we have such shoddy reporting

Fish10 on 22 November 2011 at 7:45 pm said:

Well done to everyone for pointing out the crass error of the National Post.
This is a great line from the Editor:

“We have confirmed that you are correct and the person used in the story works in condo marketing. If we had known this it would have been disclosed, and that change has been made in the online story.”

No kidding!

So how weak exactly is the journalism on this paper? They ask someone – what do you do? ‘Marketing’. They don’t even bother to ask, “marketing WHAT?” and then they run a rah rah RE storey.

This is what passes for information and analysis at this sorry paper.

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on 22 November 2011 at 8:01 pm said:
Actually, it’s probably more sinister than that.
The reporter very likely knows that she works in RE (probably got the lead to interview her via contacts in the RE industry). Then intentionally omits the fact in the article.

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on 22 November 2011 at 8:11 pm said:
You are probably right. It is inconcievable that they asked every other question except what she actually does for a living.

If the storey was a plant via the RE industry then things are truly messed up, in fact it shows what little respect we have for the integrity of the MSM (particularly some papers) that we even consider it possible.


  1. Here's the whole sad story for us local yokels in the MSM:

    "Self-made millionaire Li Weijie runs his own ski and golf resort outside Beijing and considers himself a patriot: A lifesize statue of Mao Zedong on a four-meter base towers over the entrance to his resort. What would Chairman Mao say if he knew Li was the proud holder of a Canadian residency card? “I wanted access to the education system and health care of a developed country,” says Li, 43, whose other businesses include one of Beijing’s largest private taxi companies, two car dealerships, and a real estate company. Li now has a $6 million house on Vancouver’s Westside, known for its rich Chinese. His wife tools around Vancouver in a black Maybach while his 20-year-old son drives a dark gray Maserati to classes at the University of British Columbia. His wife and son live in Canada full-time."

  2. "“Maybe some of those emigrating or getting residency are worrying about possible policy changes turning China ‘left’ that will put them in danger.”

    Yup. Left. As in "taxation". I can hardly believe how clearly this is spelled out in the MSM. Mother and child use healthcare and education abroad (they have to pay for it in the US but if it's free in Canada, so much the better) and husband stays at home in China where his business and who know how many yuan are. I can tell you one agency that has no idea how much yuan: CRA!

  3. they distrust chinese born outside their motherland. their forums verbally abused and kicked out those from HK, Makaw. oh men, infidel is pale in comparison. yet they basked in the limelight at RET & some of the bears blogs, as they know they are the new masters that the mainstream will come kissing their hands.

    enjoy. i did and took screen shots for posterity.

    how to transfer large sums of several hundreds grands back to his accounts in China without being detected.

    time to ask mom & dad to send tens of thousands over but worry CRA gonna tax him.

    ubs student's friend in HK gonna remit HK$2M or C$300K to his bank account to invest (Vancouver real estate?). later on to send the money out to his HK friend. no problem not CRA? how best to fly below the radar?

    look out my back will yah, fish?

  4. Whistler is running about 70 weeks of inventory at present. a MOI of 16!