Monday, October 1, 2012

Larry's numbers are out

Kudos to him once again.

The Average slipped from last month's bounce up. 

But as he also alludes to in his commentary, with sales down 30% from last Sept and inventory being up double digits from last year, things may look better than they really are due to the big sales.

The HPI may tell the story this time, despite all the concerns expressed in many venues regarding it's veracity.


  1. Larry: a post to lure the bears then a post to lure the bulls.

  2. The buy-1-get-1 townhouse at @W58th Av/Oak St

    Is fetching a rent of C$2,400/month

    Even if the US/Idaho house rent for $600/month, after 30 years the buyer still lose out -$1,964,756

  3. more tungsten bars encased in gold surfaced .....

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