Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sorry about that lack of posts folks

I really don't have anything to say.

In my opinion, we are in a temporary stabilisation driven by low interest rates and the realisation that the financial world did not come to an end, despite the irresponsible actions of the elite who run it.

Nothing goes straight up or down and we were due for a bounce, to let some anxious buyers get on board.

I am waiting until after June to see what happens to prices.

I suspect there is a lot of inventory waiting for see firmness to list. If so, being human, they will wait and wait, until the first sign of weakness and then try and unload.

Time will tell...


  1. Long time lurker here, but wanted to say that I appreciate all your posts. So please comment away when you will, and I'll follow along. I was glad to see you back posting after your hiatus too.


  2. I thought you were trying to provide some information on house pricing/estimation. Will you?

  3. Thanks Sharon.

    CZ- there are many ways to value a house, rental comparison which I covered in the April 15th post, investment return (which mirrors but is not the same as rental comparison), replacement value which I will cover in the future or expectations for capital gains, eg rezoning, development, lower interest rates etc which i think is less likely at this stage.

    Will get to replacement soon.

  4. I am another long-time admirer of your posts. I too am glad that you are back posting - I appreciate your knowledge and insight, and your willingness to share them with your readership.


  5. Thanks - those information would be very helpful.