Monday, July 25, 2011

What are we going to get this month?

Well she is heading for a MOA of between 9 and 10 this month.

What about Vancouver?

Anyone want to guess at the Average price change with the dropping sales?

We know the HAMs are super active in the West Van and Van West area still, so prices could still go up. Also anecdotally those selling to the HAMs have been down-sizing. An interesting new dynamic in the housing market! It used to be entry buyers pushed everything else along like a train with the locomotive at the rear.

Now we have top priced properties being picked up the way the gull swoops down to pick up a fish form the waves, and then those sellers are moving down into the middle of the pack.

Such are the dynamics of Vancouver RE.

Anyone want to guess - heck why don't we put up a poll.

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  1. "Such are the dynamics of Vancouver RE."
    What dynamics other than "design flaws in signal" tools?