Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Victoria SFH dropped 8.4% Dec 10-Dec 11

A $50K drop YOY!

December numbers are always a bit skewed.

However the annual sales numbers for 2011 was the lowest for 5 years, lower than 2008!

That would suggest Victoria is in a full out housing recession.

We should get the official VREB numbers soon.

Also the YOY numbers for the FVREB should be interesting.


  1. Take a look at the attached chart Larry just posted. If Jan is another bad month you can start calling this an actual trend.

  2. Holy Shit, this could become a tsunami of downward prices, the whole fucking market could come apart, from Victoria to Whistler to the valley and into the fucking West Side paradise.

    I seriously think we could see shit totally fall apart in a matter of MONTHS!!!!!!

    Everyone "KNOWS" what this is, so as this starts to sweep through the streets the fucking wheels could come blowing off!

    Bring it the fuck ON baby!