Friday, August 20, 2010


Normal RE blog posts will return but I am so disgusted by the Pickton affair that I cannot let this slide by.

You all know my low opinion of the local papers- however the front page of the Vancouver Sun made me sick and needs to be read.. This SOB animal ran an abattoir on his farm, killing, butchering and eating the women!

And our bungling police force ignored evidence, didn't execute a voluntary search and turned away tips.


13 more women died than needed to due to their bungling. Heads should fly. Senior police officers- who refused to accept there was a serial killer at loose and then did a shlip-shlop investigation need to lose their PENSIONS.

We will pay dearly for this from the justifiable law suits that the victims families will file. The idiots that allowed this sick fuck, who should be electrocuted asap, get away with this need to pay too.

And there is NO WAY he did this without anyone else's knowledge. They should be bringing in all the fuckers friends and relatives for questioning. Search their homes, mail, talk to their friends too. Any sign of the slightest knowledge>> Arrest them, and put them on trial!!

If we didn't have a thousand fractured, ego-driven police forces, but a single force and an FBI-like structure (which deals with serial killers in the US) we would have had some arrests. The Royal Mounted are good for ceremonial shows, but we need a highly efficient, high tech national force.

Instead, we have nothing...nothing...

This is typical of our Province. We talk equality but when it comes to marginalized women- the poor, sex trade workers or Aboriginals- who gives a fuck if a few die?

There is another serial killer loose hunting women in the Highway of Tears and the cops only recently agreed to classify it as a serial killer/s.

The truth is we are a sick Province when it comes to crime. We are a drug infested, gang laden, pot growing hole where Judges refuse to convict biker gang members and grow ops are a major revenue provider.


We have newspapers full of the Tamil migrants- like they will destroy our perfect society, when gangs kill whoever they want with no legal retribution, when tens of thousands of BC'ers are involved in the drug industry in some way and where we let in wealthy 'investors' regardless of who they stole the money from.

I am disgusted. Sorry for the language but there is no other way to describe what has happened in this case. I'll get back to RE once I have calmed down.


  1. So tell us what you really think fish

  2. Is this the biggest serial killer to be convicted in the world? Certainly must be the number one cannibalistic serial killer.

    I agree, it is a shameful piece of our history.

    And to the jingo-istic types like realpaul who spew their vitriol on Van Condo info- he is a White Canadian.

  3. Actions speak far louder than words, but in BC we seem to believe the opposite. Look at parks: Slashed to the bone, dropping user numbers, rising fees, deteriorating facilities but featured and praised in airbrushed glory on ads.
    Environment: The greenest city in the world: Trucking our garbage to Cache Creek, massive highway expansion and urban sprawl guaranteeing a car-dependent future. But oh the beauty of the catch-phrases!

    Very well ranted, Fish! Yes, heads should roll, and pensions revoked for this. Is there not a clause similar to a military "dishonourable discharge" which does kill severance, benefits and pensions? If not there should be, with the bar set high, but this case could qualify for sure!