Monday, August 1, 2011


Well lookie here!

Our poll asked what you thought abut SFH for June compared with July (only a small % of you guys voted)

Nevertheless the results were:

40% Flat
17% Up Marginally
2% Up and Away
34% Down a Tad
7% Down the bowl (ie over 3%)

And the correct answer is Down the Bowl. Down 6.5% from June and 8% from the highs.


(Sorry about the picture BTW)


  1. Lets see how the MSM spins this.

  2. Wow, will be quite interesting to see what the benchmark looks like.

    The crash has been averted so many times I am hesitant to believe this is the end, but this made me smile nevertheless.

  3. Burn, baby, burn!

    Seriously, I have some friends who are looking to upgrade their POS condo for a slightly larger POS condo. I'm trying to get them to consider renting, but they don't like the photos that landlords post. And the showtimes aren't as convenient as purchasing a place. Wah, renting is hard! Nobody's getting paid a $20k commission to make renting easier! WAH!