Monday, August 22, 2011


A very fine Canadian is dead, at the age of 61. A tragic loss for us all.

Jack was a fighter and a truly courageous man.

He took all the attack the right wing media could throw at him from the smear campaigns about his ethics to calling him Taliban Jack.

They did their worst and he still fought back with grace.

BTW- if you want to see how shamefully biased to the right our media is have a look here.

We have lost a GREAT Canadian.


  1. Sorry folks. This terrible news trumped house prices for me.

    Anyway you can comment on the post below up here too. I brought one up

    Chad_MPNP said...
    Fish, do you know of any places to see charts of historical averages or price/rent ratios for the Okanagan and Whistler?

    Sorry Chad - no data.

    The CMHC gives out Vacancy rates from time to time, but not the price/rent ratios.

  2. A politician with principles, integrity, compassion, and grit. May he rest in peace.

  3. He was a fine guy, a fighter for the working poor and middle class. How ironic that the same right wing rags that are now eulogizing him tried to destroy him.

  4. RIP
    I will always remember you as one of our finest leaders.