Sunday, August 21, 2011

I am off for a week...couple of things

I was cycling past 3 Harbour Green, a new ultra chic development, starting at $5 Million.
The ads on the building mention a 'communal Ferrari' (not sure if you can see read it in the picture). It is actually on the front and back of the building.

Just wondering, what happens if two suites owners want to use it on the same night?

How much is a Ferrari in any case? Enquiring minds need to know.

BTW- As we head into the last part of August. Anyone want to guess what happens to the SFH Average price for August. I won't put up a poll, just put your guesstimate below in the comments.

Last time we had a major correction in our real estate, it took a worldwide credit crunch. It looks like we are heading into another one now, will it have the same effect?


  1. click on the picture and you will see it more clearly.

  2. Whistler sitting at TWO years of inventory at current sales.

  3. Fish, do you know of any places to see charts of historical averages or price/rent ratios for the Okanagan and Whistler?

  4. I'm guessing August will be up slightly as last month seemed to be a bit of a steep drop.

    That Ferrari in the picture probably runs about 300-400K. I think I smell a new business idea. Exotic zip cars. Imagine how cool it would be to be able to use an Austin Martin for a few hours. Fees would be slightly more than normal Zip cars... but I wouldnt be shocked if that actually caught on.

  5. West 46th Avenue, 100 block
    Fire on the 19th at a vacant detached house was sold by a war veteran who had since moved to a senior home. Buyer, originally from China, paid $1.3M for the vacant house. According to a neighbor, this Chinese buyer and his brother bought a total of 6 detached houses in the area, paying prices way over the asking prices. In the last 6 months, selling prices of SFHs in this neighborhood has gone up by over 52%.

  6. Terribly stilted English on the above URLs... But the gist of the articles sure makes it sound like a speculative mania.

  7. Or wash, rinse and TT back.

  8. The other thing that comes to mind when reading those links is an attempt at market manipulation.

  9. Not market manipulation. Apparently, it is a 9-lot assembly. Either a low-rise apartment complex or townhouse development is in the plan.
    Look up the thread on 'Cambie Corridor' in RET.

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