Saturday, October 22, 2011

MOI quickie

SFH Based on the last month of sales and current listings:

Sunshine Coast 18.2

Richmond 13!!

North Vancouver 4!

New West 5.2

Squamish 13.6

Vancouver West 9.89!

Coquitlam 7

Maple Ridge 12.86!!

Surrey 12.5

Abbotsford 16.64

South Surrey White Rock 9.85

West Vancouver 6.84


  1. Richmond 13 MOI !
    Soon, "Richslump" will be 31 MOI !!!

    Modus Operandi:
    Victims went to banks/malls to get cash/shop.
    Returned to car in parking area.
    Thieves / Robbers approached victims to help change flat tires.
    Instructed victims to start engine.. etc, while gang members stole the bags / wallets / valuables from the cars.
    Then robbers made excuses that they needed some tools and got in to their own cars to speed away.

    Victims called police, who confirmed that tires were slashed / punctured with sharp instrument, NOT knife.

  2. You're not calculating it right. For MOI over 10, the real estate board sez you divide 100 by the MOI, e.g. 100/12.5 = 8.

  3. I can't reproduce your Abbotsford number. I get about 750 detached, just like the end of September. On with the approximate geographical area, there were 180 under 400k, 341 from 400k to 600k, and 230 over 600k. Last month they sold 93, so MOI is about 8. Not indicative of a hot market, but also not abnormally high for mid fall.

  4. Red banner with yellow characters behind protestors read: "Return us our blood-sweat money!" Photo taken on October 22, 2011 in Shanghai. Price has dropped from rmb 23000/sqM to rmb 16000/sqM.

    Photos of damages to the developers showroom by the angry buyers.

  5. Anon 12.07- I assume you are being droll.

    RP1- not sure why the discrepancy between our numbers. I will check again tonight- mine are off the MLS too.

  6. I had been contemplating whether or not to post this. Many of you out there may be pressurized by grandparents, parents, aunts and peers to rush into this madness, this message may be relevant.

    In a letter from the parents-in-law to the dead woman's parents, the house at Nash Drive Coquitlam still has a mortgage, payable weekly @$450/week. (Last para, point 2).

    Para 3 reveals the cause of this tragedy as the in-laws lamented that thing wouldn't have turned out this way, if....
    - the dead woman and her husband did not rush to buy their own house in 2008
    - they did not rush to have their second son in 2009

  7. I didn't recheck Abbotsford, however Larry's Richmond numbers are actually more bearish than mine with a MOI of about 18

  8. OMG! Larry was spot on! Richmond is burning .. FIRE SALE to come!