Monday, December 5, 2011

Victoria SFH prices down YOY and over the last 2 years

Condo prices are also down YOY and flat over two years. Attached has taken a big dive and is down 15% over two years (a thinner market so we won't read too much into that)

SFH Average Greater Victoria
Nov 2009 = $617,987
Nov 2010 = $636,557
Nov 2011 = $592,034

Median 2009 = $555K
Median 2010 = $530K
Median 2011 = $530K

This is news IMVHO. Big drops in SFH Median and Average prices over the last two years according to the VREB stats.

So how did they deal with it their news release?


  1. Add in some inflation adjustment and one opine median prices have dropped 8%; next year doesn't look any more promising.

  2. no condo in the 604December 5, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    holy crap, it's happening. it's really happening now!

  3. I wonder when the MSM will pick up on this?

  4. It is not happening, this is just a blip.

  5. maybe it is happening, maybe it in't. one think fellow bears MUST have learned by now is to stop reading too much into small drops like this. This could just as easily go nowhere significant.