Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The C is Coming Back

What does C stand for? Convicted of Fraud? Ex-Canadian? The Face of bloated Capitalism?  Looks like 'the Conrad' wants to come back to the country he foresook and bad-mouthed.

And even though we don't usually let in people with criminal convictions, however minor, money obviously over-rules these genteel considerations.

Conrad was kicked out of the exclusive Upper Canada College after being accused of stealing and selling exams, his father was the president of Canadian Breweries Ltd, his mother was the daughter of the founder of Great West Life.

Frequently critical of Canada and especially those who dared to criticize the  US,  he eventually renounced his Canadian citizenship - how ironic that he was nailed by the US, our fragmented securities commissions rarely jail such a high-profile, well connected miscreant.

So when he is out of jail, can we expect to see him holding soirees with his nouveau riche wife Barbara?  and maybe Macleans can put his porky face on the cover a few times to try and rehabilitate him, and before you know it, he will be back to being the same old arrogant wind-bag telling US how WE should run OUR country...sheesh.


  1. Over at the radio, I heard something like he is not considered a danger to the society. He has paid for his crime and suffered humiliation.
    Corrupt policemen and foreign crooks can immigrate and live here to their old ripe age unscathed and unpunished for their crimes, we'll see ....

  2. Yes we do seem to have a plethora of crooked white collar criminals living the high life here.

    You must be referring to the HonKong Five. 5 very wealthy policemen who came to Canada with their stash of bribe money, wives and concubines over 30 years ago- and our Government looked the other way.


  3. I'm not bothered by Conrad Black. Yes, he's arrogant. That's the way he is. Let's face it. Canada's an oligopoly. He's born into power. But he is intellectual, writes and thinks well and is slightly less vanilla than the average cloistered member of the Family Compact/Chateau Clique. What can you do? We are the plebs. He is to the manner born. Hopefully this time around he'll keep it quiet(er) like the rest of them do.

  4. How am I supposed to sleep tonight after seeing that picture?

    Please put up another post asap

  5. A lot of specuvestors of presales will end in tears!

    2012 May 1st

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