Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Great write up of the mess we are in...

From here, which BTW , is a great site for investing your RE savings pile in preferred shares.

The CMHC Annual Report is out. Of particular interest is the table of 5-year financial highlights on page 98 of the PDF … in 2007, there was $345-billion of insurance in force; at the end of fiscal 2011, there is $567-billion. Thanks for inflating the bubble and subsidizing your pals at the banks, guys! To put the figure in perspective, consider this factoid from the Canadian Housing Observer 2011, Chapter 4:
With a contribution of about $330 billion to the Canadian economy, housing-related spending accounted for 20.3% of GDP in 2010, up from 20.1% in 2009.
Gee, it sure is a good thing we’re so much better regulated than those dumb old Americans, eh?
Meanwhile an unfootnoted citation by the G&M states:
CMHC estimates that roughly 25 per cent of condominiums in the Greater Toronto Area are sold but sitting vacant — shades of Miami at the height of its collapsed condo bubble in 2007. Other analysts say the 25 per cent figure may be too low.

Nope, no bubble at all, no sir! Not with Spend-Every-Penny keeping a firm hand at the tiller! For anecdotal support for the phenomenon, try driving along the Gardiner and looking at all the see-through condominiums that now line it. However, if you are driving, DO NOT make notes while discussing your findings on your cell ‘phone! Remember, Smokey the Bear says “Only you can prevent forest fires!”


  1. http://www.realtor.ca/propertyDetails.aspx?propertyId=11724434&PidKey=1028857201

    does anybody has any idea about the price drop / listing details on this property. A friend is interested. thanx

  2. Great posts, @fishyRE - @VCI - @Whispers.
    Unfortunately, it'll be flogging a dead horse as usual.

    Got my copy of Business Week yesterday. The cover is screaming "LIES, LIES, LIES".

  3. The only thing missing in this comedy of errors is our Fannie & Freddie denying there's any problem. We just got it.

    1. Thanks Egg - that will be the next post.