Monday, May 7, 2012

How do you make your mortgage payments?

A) rent out the basement- or even live in the basement and rent out the upstairs.

B) take in foreign students - house, clean and feed them.

C) Rent out the whole home and go rent somewhere cheaper yourself

We have seen all the above in the crazy YVR market, but how about this:

D) run a small grocery in the house to help pay the mortgage.

Look at the # 8 in the Weekly Drop

Almost rebuilt 3 bedroom house with an established convenient store on main floor. Also having possibility to build a laneway house of which design and drawings are available. Great opportunity living in the prestigious area while making enough enough money to pay mortgages. Close to Lord Byng Secondary School and Queen Elizabeth Elementary school, about 10 minutes to UBC. The Pacific Park is nearby. Just an excellent live and work property. Don’t let the chance go by.


  1. It finally looks like the market is done. That said, depending on interest rates, I can't see myself as being interested in buying unless there is at least a 40% drop in prices.

    1. FIngers crossed. Too many variables to be sure, but a slow steady decline would be our best hope.

      As to the example I posted, notice how it is actually a convenience store, which happens to have some residential accomodation.

      However if you sold it as such - you would have to sell it based on some metrics eg what rent could you get for the store and residential part and then take it from there.

      By pricing it like a house, you can pick any number you want ( and then have to drop it 20%!)

  2. Even at half-a-million-$ drop in price in just 5 days, it is way overpriced at 67% above its current assessment.