Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bank of Canada shouts 'Fire' again

Panicked about Condos now. I agree, but I think the horse may have already bolted.

Fraser Valley numbers out. Big drop in sales YOY 20%. Drop in SFH average (big 7%) and Median but the benchmark comes through with a 2% YOY increase. Gotta love the

MOI 10.5 or so.


  1. Thank god for that HPI. Heaven forbid anyone would ever think/know they've lost money!

  2. Watch for imported inflation, corruption.

  3. new 188
    price change 100
    sold 115

  4. "Shut up", listen up, and behave as you're told.

  5. Remind you of the narcissistic psycho who started a fire just so he could play the hero by putting it out. Except in most of these cases (Wall Street et al), hardly anyone goes to jail for a long time.

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