Sunday, December 2, 2012

Warning Political Post

I don't often post political stuff. I don't care who is in control of the reigns as long as they are ethical and don't mortgage the future for short term gains.

I also expect them to not to lie too much- though that is tough for politicians. 

I lambasted the current Conservatives for being so reckless when they doubled the CMHC debt, and I lauded them when they finally reversed their recklessness. I did my own small part when they wanted to send tax-payer money to the big barons of broadcasting and applauded when (no doubt due to grass-roots disgust) they decided against it and the Aspers had to sell out.

However there have been two things recently that have got my gall. 

One happened a year ago but slipped under my radar until now. It was financial malfeasance. At stake were the big back-room honchoes of the Conservative party who could have been tried/fined or imprisoned for authorising $1.3 Million in excessive advertising spending and breaking Elelction Canada rules. Instead the party was fined $55K.

$55K for a party that has received over $145 Million in the last 7 years. That really sends home the message!

While we are on the topic of advertising...

We have been the recipients of Tory attack ads on the NDP's Mulcair, who apparently has a carbon tax up his sleeve which will bankrupt us if implemented, and what a terrible idea a carbon tax  is anyway.."which we cannot afford".

The irony of running that ad in BC does not seem to have struck their high priced ad executives.

You will remember that Gordon Campbell introduced a carbon tax in late 2008. Good for him! Gordon you will remember is one of Harper's favorites, having been appointed as Canadian High Commissioner to Great Britain and Ireland when he had to resign over the HST debacle.

I guess they think we are so stupid we wont remember.


  1. Politics bore me. Yawn. Whenever Tory attack ads on Mulcair shown up on the tv, my grandpapi would switch the set off. He didn't care for NDP or Mulcair, but was angry at the shamelessness of it all with the next election years away and what a bloody waste of taxpayers money.

    Alberta has Redford & $10 billion headlines. Quebec, McGill superhospital. BC ......

    Enjoy the holiday season and hope you are in good health and spirits.

    1. I am well thanks. Another year is nearly over and so is this RE madness it would seem.

  2. The Tory ad men probably cant see West over the Rockies. They probably have no clue what is happening in BC but bought the time in bulk. The election is always decided in Ont and Quebec anyway.

  3. Yes Fish, people are just that stupid! Add in short-sightness and greed and you got a perfect mix for people like Harper and Cons. Otherwise how else would you explain all the election results and the mess we are in?

    1. You're right. Voters are stupid if they voted with their feet.

  4. Greed? Yes. Stupid? No.

    According to internal CN records, Train 503 shipped the biodiesel to Port Huron, Mich., from Sarnia, Ont.; Train 504 brought them back. The number of cars on the train would remain mostly the same, but cars were added and removed, between 68 and 89 cars at a time. As soon as the paperwork and car shuffling was completed, the trains made the return trip.

    “This unit train will move at least once daily to Port Huron starting on Tuesday, June 18,” said an email written by Teresa Edwards, CN’s manager of transportation for Port Huron/Sarnia.

    It will “clear customs and return to Sarnia. If we can get in more flips back and forth we will attempt to do so. Each move per car across the border is revenue generated for Sarnia/Port Huron.

    “It will be the same cars flipping back and forth and the product will stay on the car.”

    The email ends with a reminder that the move “has the potential to make a lot of money for CN so need everyone’s assistance to maximize the number of trips that we make and ensure that it all moves smooth.”

  5. wondering if Justin T and the Libs will be different when they get back in power.

  6. Liberals have a better chance with voters if Marc Garneau leads the party. JT is a mirror reflection of Margaret.

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