Monday, December 10, 2012

Very sad indeed

Read this on Vancouver Condo Info blog. How a man denied entry to Canada for human rights reasons still owns 110 condos in Toronto!

How does this happen. It would seem to me the Government needs to worry a little less about the British Royal heritage and a bit more on not allowing our country to become a haven for the world's-worst people and their money. Even the Swiss have been tightening up.

Mr. Malkin, the National Post revealed in 2009, has been blocked from entering Canada by Canadian authorities who accused him of organized crime involvement. In his fight to overturn that decision, it was revealed he owns 111 condominium units in Toronto.
Canada should not be a safe haven for people who do this type of crime. Canada has a very attractive economic immigrant program and it is very popular for Russians so, absolutely, Canada has to be on the list of countries that are doing this


  1. It is a disgrace! 110 x 400,000 = $44 Million dollars by ONE shady investor in one of our Cities. WTF!

    We have become the money whores of the world, replacing the Swiss. Any crooked, embezzling government official welcome.

  2. busy day

    new 183
    price change 102
    sold 177

  3. Bloomberg and many other reputable sites have given the number of Vancouver residents with ties to a corrupt regime. The silence on the home ground is deafening. Still wondering how money is flowing round the world undetected?

  4. Canada and China have signed a Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA)

    Designed to stimulate and protect Canadian and Chinese investments and investors, the agreement defines rules and obligations to regulate foreign investments to and from each country, including mandatory arbitration for dispute settlement.

    The main obligations created by the agreement include: (i) non-discriminatory government treatment for investments made by Canadian investors in China and Chinese investors in Canada, (ii) provisions to protect investors in case of expropriation, and (iii) a defined dispute settlement mechanism.

  5. I added a new link on the right hand side. Should have done this a long time ago. pacifica partners. Excellent charts and analysis.

  6. Carney: Hand-wagging works like a magic wand

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