Thursday, April 15, 2010


Add this to the pot of CHMC changes, rising rates, HST etc

Will all those who were clamouring for the Olympics to be held here, please dig deep into your pockets and PAY UP! thank you.

Over half billion dollar bill for Vancouver to host 2010 Winter Olympics

2 hours, 58 minutes ago

By The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER, B.C. - A preliminary report estimates that hosting the 2010 Olympics cost Vancouver over a half a billion dollars.

The report will be presented to city council next week and suggests the lion's share of the costs went to venues and local infrastructure improvements.

The bottom line doesn't include the cost to the city of taking over the $1 billion Olympic athletes village project.

Vancouver never had an omnibus budget for Olympic costs, though it earmarked $20 million to cover items like city celebrations and decorations.

The full cost of hosting the Games for the city is actually over $700 million, but was partly financed through contributions from the provincial and federal governments.

The report is expected to be made public, but an early copy was provided and publicized by a local rights advocate.

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