Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who are you all?

This obscure and rather dull blog always had about 100-150 visitors a day.

Suddenly there are 200-300 visitors. Why would that be? The quality of the posts are no better :)

So I have decided to find out a little about my readers. One simple, very quick poll.


Please fill it out. It will be up for a week. (BTW: Sometime means in the next year or two.)


  1. I was wondering what sometime meant. If prices crash hard in 2 years and show signs of bottoming I might buy, but I doubt that will happen, so I am set on renting for the next 3-4 years.

    A lot of the RE blogs are getting more traffic from what I hear. Perhaps because there are now stories in the MSM about housing being over valued some people are doing a bit more research to find out for themselves. These google searches end up leading places like here, VCI and chipmans blog...

  2. Well I need to know the profile of visitors when i start marketing my site to advertisers :)

    Just kidding.

    This is a labour of love (and hate actually against speculation)

  3. You really need another category: Former owner, cashed out and sitting out, with popcorn.

  4. Alex- they would still have to live somewhere. Hence renter waiting to buy, or renter for ever.

  5. All I can say is your obscure rather dull blog has been a place of comfort for me in a world gone mad.

    Former owner, cashed out, chocolate.

  6. well, i m a renter and happy but at the same time I would be buying as and when the train wreck happens. So I think there should be a category. "Renting and waiting for crash to happen" something in those lines u know.

  7. I had to change my vote. Chances are I won't be buying anytime soon, but in the future will probably do so! Thanks for the blog, Fish.

  8. Fish10 (why 10?):

    Well yes, either that or back with the parents, but there is a big difference between holding off on buying or just having vague hopes of buying sometime and having enough conviction that there is a bubble and it will pop to sell and start renting again. We had an easier time of it, we wanted a move anyway. So we sold, are renting a place that suits us better than the townhouse we sold, happy and comfortable and biding our time. With popcorn.