Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ok Number crunching

First glance at the August reports

Median SFH in the Central OK drops about 1%, Average drops 5%.

Central OK

5237 listings and 286 sales = 18 MOI

North OK

2681 listings and 115 sales = 23 MOI


1838 Listings and 65 sales = 28.7 MOI

Over-all : 9756 listings and 466 sales = 21 MOI


  1. PS I didn't even look at the Median and Average SFH for the other 2 areas as the sales are so few that the numbers would not be very reliable.

  2. That is... crushing. Winter's coming, too. Oh my.

  3. High MOI and even more good news:


  4. Trading between BC and China has doubled to tripled with the later acquiring BC companies / businesses in recent years.
    timber, up 130.2%
    paper pulp, up 81.2%
    coal, up 59.7%
    metal, up 42.7%


    No sign of HAM slowing down, And our near-zero interest rate is good for foreign specuvestors who prefer their cash outside their own country.

  5. "Sale of property does not record the nationality of buyer, but insiders said the Toronto market has plenty of Asian Foreign investments."

    "China Investment Corp, one of the world's top five Sovereign Funds, set up their first non-Asian office in Toronto last year."

    Their North American Adviser is none other than our ex-MP and ex-Cabinet Minister.


  6. Anon

    The best thing we can pray for is a property crash in China to clip their speculative wings.

  7. "No sign of HAM slowing down"

    I am becoming more and more convinced that China will be in for a significant growth recession in the next 5 years or so, perhaps a bit longer. They are simply investing in things that have no conceivable payback: a debt spiral. It will unwind at some point, it's just a matter of time.

    In the interim, China, like Japan, is trying to invest in anything anywhere that's denominated in USD or EUR and that includes real estate. And like Japan, they won't know what the heck to do when they need to pay back their loans.

    As I said, I'm more and more convinced it's only a matter of time. Now convince yourself that China's different because of (insert jingoist superiority-driven you-don't-understand-the-Chinese-culture-of-success reasons here)

  8. jesse, you're confusing me with your "jingoist superiority-driven" crowd. How about corruption, that is globally contagious!

  9. Oh yeah we just don't understand how rampant corruption is and how this will support prices. Should have added that one to "the list".

  10. You've done a good job the past 7 years, and your contributions in the next 5 years or so will benefit many. So, carry on with your "Housing-Analysis".
    Fish10 may like to know that the 13 kids of the sports cars impounded for a week have parents who are members of China's politburo and privileged class.