Monday, September 19, 2011

Some FVREB Stats for Anon

North Delta

SFH listings : 183
Sales 30 days : 38
MOI = 4.8


SFH listings: 1026
Sales last 30 days : 79
MOI: 13


SFH Listings: 881
Sales: 48

South Surrey/ White Rock

SFH: 753
Sales: 56
MOI: 13.4


SFH Listings: 589
Sales: 21
MOI : 28!!


SFH Listings: 315
Sales: 24
MOI: 13

North Surrey

SFH : 431
Sales: 31
MOI: 13.9

So apart from North Delta, which is a small market, we are deeply into buyer's territory and should expect some price drops in September's numbers.

Sunshine Coast over 30 MOI now.


  1. thanks buddy. and yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for Surrey

  2. West Van MOI 9+

    Richmond 11.5!

    These numbers are not bullish.

    What is holding these prices up? September Benchmark should have a tale to tell.

  3. The numbers in the Valley are a wee bit in the "buyer's market" territory. But don't confuse that with stating "it's a good time to buy", because that wholly depends on the price.

    Thanks for the numbers, from one numbers nerd to another.

  4. This couple moved out of his parents' big house in Richmond and bought this SFH for 3qtrM$, end 2008. They employed a nanny. His dad teaches Asian studies at UBC.

    2 months later, he lost his job. And their 2nd son was born in 2009 Feb 29. And he was jobless for nearly 2 years. Next contract job at Championsway ended April this year, and he joined Burnaby City or Metro Vancouver.

  5. I am loving the stats! thank you so much. Could you explain what how you calculate months of inventory?

  6. Anon

    Easy. Total inventory at the end of the 30 days period divided by the total sales in that 30 day period = MOI


  8. $90 K a day!

    Looks like the Conservatives are paying off their supporters.

  9. @anon 11:41

    There was no Feb 29 in 2009. Try again...

  10. Fuzzy detail .. not really pertinent

    blog of ex-classmate @Capilano

    wife's blog

    Mingpao exclusive

    Singtao exclusive

  11. for 90 k a day, you might be able to buy a descent house in vancouver if you save early.

  12. Bizarre. I am seeing some of the HAM and their realtors turning round and listing for sale the same houses they bought in West Van a few months ago!

    A few hundred grand more. Why would that be? A few hundred grand cant be that much to someone who just (over)paid a couple or three Mill .

    My wife says they are 'washing' the money. Or maybe they are getting cold feet. Or maybe the dropping CAD has them concerned. Or maybe they are just flipping to each other using bank mortgages.

    Anyone have an idea what is happening.

  13. Watch out for West Van... it's a manipulated market.

  14. our variable rates as low as P-07, P-09
    CD rates @HK/Macau/China, around 7% - 10%
    do your math

  15. "A few hundred grand cant be that much"

    It turns out if they're short RMB-CAD they may actually lose money on this one.